Toilet Tissue Suction Former Tissue Machine
  • Toilet Tissue Suction Former Tissue Machine

Toilet Tissue Suction Former Tissue Machine


Product origin China

1. Core technique from Japan Sasaki
2. Various raw materials adaptable
3. Applicable for wide range of basic weight
4. Energy saving and environment-friendly
5. Low running cost
6. High automation
7. Intelligent easy operation
8. Quick start-up

Toilet Tissue Suction Former Tissue Machine

Toilet Tissue Suction Former Tissue Machine

 Suction Former tissue Machine

Min. Order1 set

Payment TermT/T

Delivery Time:10 months

Shipping PortFoshan


Brief Introduction of Suction Former Tissue Machine



Mr. Sasaki is the founder of the SF series Suction Former Yankee tissue machine. Along with the era of rapid development, the human being reinforces the concept of environmental protection and scientifically using the resources on earth. The subject of how to get a solution to tissue production for not only realizing high efficiency and low energy consumption, but also adapting various raw materials and producing all kinds of high quality products,is always our pursuing goal, which penetrates into our design principle and service purposes.

After decades of drilling and precipitation, the core technical team of Sasaki has sublimed their technologies and applied each scientific research gain into Baotuo series of tissue machines, fully performing excellence in every production link, making our customer heading list in the market competition, truly obtaining substantial benefits and winning business opportunities.



1. Core technique from Japan Sasaki

2. Various raw materials adaptable

3. Applicable for wide range of basic weight

4. Energy saving and environment-friendly

5. Low running cost

6. High automation

7. Intelligent easy operation

8. Quick start-up


Toilet Tissue Suction Former Tissue Machine

1. Various raw materials are adaptable  

2. Applicable for wide range of basic weight  

3. Energy saving and environment-friendly

4. Low running cost

5. High automation

6. Intelligent easy operation

7. Quick start-up


 Toilet Tissue Suction Former Tissue Machine


Toilet tissue, facial tissue, kitchen towel, hand towel, etc.

Raw material

Virgin pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, straw pulp and de-inked pulp

Paper width

2850 ~ 3550 mm

Basic weight

13 ~ 42 g/m²


Design speed

Operating speed


10 ~ 40 %

Yankee Dryer diameter

3000 mm

Suction cylinder diameter

1000 mm

Touch roll diameter

700 ~ 900 mm

Pressing form

Single touch roll

Water consumption

5 ~ 10 T

Electricity consumption

280 ~ 320 KW / H

Steam consumption

1.8 ~ 2.1 T

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